Background Edit

Kygo has a brief background that is described in the first book. He was born from Lady Jila, a woman who gave birth to the Emperor's two sons. Kygo spends a lot of time with women, so he thinks that makes him soft and weak. Due to his status as a prince for most of the first book, he wasn't allowed to mingle with anybody his age. He is the nephew of High Lord Sethon, and son of the Emperor.

Physical Description Edit

Kygo is described as strong and superior in the way he talks and moves. He has black hair in a braid, but is shaved on the top of his head. He is said to be tall and strong.

Friends and Family Edit

Eon, Ryko, Lady Dela, Lady Jila, High Lord Sethon, Lord Ido, Dillon, Vida, Yuso, Caido, Master Tozay and Rilla.

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