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Eona, Eon




Mirror Dragon





When Eona was six, she was sold into bond service at a salt farm. She was sold because her stepfather said there was no use of another man's child when they had another man's son. She labored there for two years before Heuris Brannon came and took her into his protection. Because she could see the dragons, he trained her to become Eon, the boy disguise so she could become a Dragoneye candidate. Before she started Dragoneye candidate training, Heuris Brannon had her hip crippled to hide her girlish grace and make her untouchable. For 4 years she trained with Swordmaster Ranne and Swordmaster Jin-Pa. She was always looked down upon as a cripple by most people she came across, even strangers. When people saw her, they often made the "ward-evil" sign with their hands, for cripples were believed to carry bad fortune.

Physical Appearance Edit

Eona has long black hair and is described as slim-hipped and small breasted. She has blue eyes, red lips and pale skin. She is about average height and is told the color dark blue brings out the blue in her eyes and the red in her lips.

Friends and Family Edit

Ryko, Lady Dela, Yuso, Rilla, Chart, Heuris Brannon, Dolana, Lillia, Kygo, Dillon, Lord Ido, Master Tozay, Lord Tyron, Solly, and Vida.

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